What is a state monopoly on force?

What is a state monopoly on force?

State monopoly on violence, in political science and sociology, the concept that the state alone has the right to use or authorize the use of physical force. It is widely regarded as a defining characteristic of the modern state.

Who said state is an unit who possess monopoly of punishment?

Ashok ChawlaState monopolies not exempt from Competition Act: Ashok Chawla.

What term is used for the entity that claims a monopoly on legitimate force or violence in a territory?

According to Weber, the state is that "human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of violence within a given territory." The public police and military are its main instruments, but private security might also be considered to have "the 'right' to use violence" so long as the sole

Does the state have a monopoly on violence?

Among defining attributes of a state, the United States possesses a territory, a flag, laws — and courts and bureaucrats to enforce them. What it doesn't have, crucially, is a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence by a central authority.