What happens in the red pulp of the spleen?

What happens in the red pulp of the spleen?

The red pulp of the spleen is composed of connective tissue known also as the cords of Billroth and many splenic sinusoids that are engorged with blood, giving it a red color. Its primary function is to filter the blood of antigens, microorganisms, and defective or worn-out red blood cells.

What is the function of the red pulp of the spleen quizlet?

the spleen serves several functions, including (1) ___________of bacteria and other foreign materials in the blood as part of the body's defense (red and white pulp); (2) phagocytosis of old, defective erythrocytes and platelets from circulating blood (red pulp); and (3) serving as a reservoir for platelets (red pulp).

What cells are in red pulp of spleen?

Spleen. The spleen consists of two main compartments, the red pulp and the white pulp (Figure 15.5A, B). The red pulp consists of blood-filled sinusoids and cords of Billroth (Figure 15.5), containing macrophages, lymphocytes, and plasma cells.

Does the spleen have red and white pulp?

The spleen contains two main types of tissue – white pulp and red pulp. White pulp is material which is part of the immune system (lymphatic tissue) mainly made up of white blood cells. Red pulp is made up of blood-filled cavities (venous sinuses) and splenic cords.