How many Monopoly editions are there?

How many Monopoly editions are there?

1144 versions

What editions of Monopoly are there?

If you like Monopoly, then there’s bound to be a version you haven’t played below:Ultimate Banking Edition. Description: Introducing a modern banking version of the Monopoly game: the Ultimate Banking Edition. Empire. Junior. 80th Anniversary Edition. Mega Edition. Pokemon. Star Wars. Game of Thrones.

Does anyone ever win Safeway monopoly?

Every online code that is played is automatically entered into the Monopoly Second Chance Sweepstakes. In past years, only two people have actually won the million dollars using the game pieces. The other $1 million winners all came through the Second Chance drawing, so it does pay to play online as well.

Did anyone win monopoly Safeway?

ODDS OF WINNING ANYTHING AT ALBERTSON’S/SAFEWAY MONOPOLY Only two people have ever won the $1 million, one in 2017 (Dorchester, MA) and another in 2018 (Idaho Falls, ID).

Is Safeway still doing the Monopoly game?

The Safeway (and affiliates) Monopoly Game has officially ended, but we still have time to claim any prizes we won, and also use our online “Tokens” for free food, enter online sweepstakes and other prizes. In addition to the Online Prizes, the app will also keep track of your gameboard pieces.

How do you play Monopoly Safeway 2020?

Playing is easy – visit your local store (which is Safeway for us) – and pick up a Monopoly game board. When you make a purchase, you get a “Game Ticket.” You may get bonus game tickets if you buy certain products. Inside the game ticket, there are four “Game Markers.” The game markers are: A special discount offer.