Can Infp be a doctor?

Can Infp be a doctor?

Pharmacists and dentists make a ton of it, as well. Overall, though, yeah, INFPs make good doctors. We’re generally the ones going into the field because of our desire to help people. If you’re of the more sensitive types (which is fine) or want to be around “the populace,” then maybe become a general practitioner.

Which personality type is best for doctors?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator test sheds some light on which doctor couples have good shot of working out.

  • Family medicine: Tend to be ESTJ.
  • Internal medicine: Tend to be INFJ.
  • Emergency medicine: Tend to be ENTJ and ESTJ.
  • Psychiatry: Tend to be INFP.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: Tend to be ESTJ.

Can an Infj be a doctor?

Yes, an INFJ can be a doctor as they are good communicators and even though they are an introverted personality type, they have some extroverted traits as well and have genuine compassion and empathy for people that a doctor should have.

Are Enfps good doctors?

The ENFP may be a good doctor in cases where they need to figure out the diagnosis or figure out what kind of treatment plan the patient needs, and they may even make fine psychiatrists or something like that, but they are likely to be attracted to fields which involve a lot of scope for learning and they will likely …

Which personality type is most common?


Which MBTI is most confident?

Assertive Debaters (ENTP-A), Executives (ESTJ-A), and Entrepreneurs (ESTP-A) (all 95%), and Assertive Commanders (ENTJ-A) (98%) are the personality types reporting the highest confidence in their own abilities.

Are Entp self-aware?

When it comes to things they enjoy and their personality traits, ENTPs are often very self-aware. ENTPs might struggle when it comes to recognizing their emotions, and this is where they struggle with a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Are INFJs self-aware?

INFJs are very self-aware. They want everyone around them to be comfortable, and if they’re going to be a part of someone else’s life, they want to be a positive part of it. Hence they’ll be very aware of how they’re coming off to people, thinking over what they say and how they act.