Who do the kings queens and jacks represent in a deck of cards?

Who do the kings queens and jacks represent in a deck of cards?

French and British decks of the 16th century were said to often depict Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, the biblical King David and Charlemagne on the king cards — representing the four great empires of Greece, Rome, the Jews and the Franks.

Who do the queens in a deck of cards represent?

Originally posted Mar 06 2009 12:33 PM. Answer has 4 votes. The queens are Pallas (warrior goddess; equivalent to the Greek Athena or Roman minerva), Rachel (biblical mother of Joseph), Argine (the origin of which is obscure), and Judith (of the Apocrypha). Response last updated by postcards2go on Aug 26 2016.

Is a queen higher than a king in cards?

The king is a playing card with a picture of a king displayed on it. The king is usually the highest-ranking face card. In the French version of playing cards and tarot decks, the king immediately overtakes the queen.

Who do the face cards represent?

They depicted the club king as a stylized Charlemagne , the king of diamonds as Julius Caesar, and the king of hearts as Alexander the Great. The four kings thus represented the Jewish world, the Holy Roman Empire, and pre-Christian Rome and Greece, the four main wellsprings of Western civilization.