What was the original name for the Scrabble board game?

What was the original name for the Scrabble board game?

Lexico9) The original name for Scrabble was 'Lexico'. 10) The original game did not have a board but was played with tiles only. 11) Alfred Butts, the inventor, decided on the frequency and distribution of letters by analysing the front page of the New York Times.

What is the game called Lexico?

ScrabbleThe word game Scrabble, invented in the early 1930s, was originally called Lexico. Initially rejected by game companies, it was first manufactured in 1949 in a private home in Newtown (pop. 25,031).

When was the board game Scrabble invented?

Improve Your Knowledge. Discover the history behind one of the world's favorite word games! There were many victims of America's Great Depression in 1929. But in 1933 an out of work architect named Alfred Mosher Butts invented a game that would lift the spirits of millions.

Where did the word Scrabble come from?

IT WASN'T ALWAYS CALLED SCRABBLE. Butts named his game Lexico, then changed the name to Criss-Cross Words. His friend and eventual business partner James Brunot came up with the name Scrabble in the late 1930s.