What is the probability of drawing a 4?

What is the probability of drawing a 4?

The odds of drawing first a 4 is 4/52. Then having drawn a four the probability of drawing a club is 13/51 if the 4 wasn't a club (and theres a 3/4 chance of that) or 12/51 if the 4 was a club (and there's a 1/4 chance of that.)

How many 4 are in a deck of cards?

Assuming a standard deck of 52 cards, jokers and advertising cards removed. If you just count the printed number '4' on the cards, there are eight. If you count the unique ways you can make 4 using the spots on cards with 4 or more spots, then there are many ways.

What is the probability of drawing four aces in a row?

The first ace is a 4/52 chance, 4 aces and 52 cards. The second ace is 3/51, since there are three aces left and 51 cards in total. The third ace is 2/50(1/25) and the fourth is 1/49. Multiply these all together and you get 1/270725 which is 0.000004%.

How do you work out the odds of drawing a card?

Mathematicians measure probability by counting and using some very basic math, like addition and division. For example, you can add up the number of spades in a complete deck (13) and divide this by the total number of cards in the deck (52) to get the probability of randomly drawing a spade: 13 in 52, or 25 percent.