What is the meaning of Sungka?

What is the meaning of Sungka?

Sungka is a popular game in the Philippines. It involves dropping small stones or cowrie shells into large holes on a long canoe-shaped board. sung·kâ “mancala” This game is called mancala in the US.

Where did Sungka originated?

The game that transcends cultures Sungka is an ancient Filipino game. Its history can be traced back to the 17th century. The Jesuit priest, Father Jose Sanchez, first described the game in his dictionary of the Visayan (Cebuano) language in 1692. He called it Kunggit.

Is Sungka bad luck?

If you're the superstitious type, take note that Filipino folklore forbids playing sungka indoors because it could cause your house to burn down in an accident.

How many stones are in Sungka?

Each player's "ulo" is the hole/pit to his extreme left. Next, take the 98 shells (or beads or seeds) and place seven into each of the "bahays" (houses). You are now ready to start your game of Sungka!