What is the meaning of stiff card?

What is the meaning of stiff card?

Card is defined as a flat, stiff thick piece of paper, often used to express a greeting, play a game or prove identification, or a wire brush or machine used to raise nap on a cloth. An example of a card is a tool to raise nap on wool.

What is a meaning of stiff?

adjective, stiff·er, stiff·est. rigid or firm; difficult or impossible to bend or flex: a stiff collar. not moving or working easily: The motor was a little stiff from the cold weather. (of a person or animal) not supple; moving with difficulty, as from cold, age, exhaustion, or injury.

How is Trump determined in bridge?

The bidding determines whether a hand will be played with trump cards or in a notrump contract (a hand that has no trump cards). If the final bid names a trump suit, that suit is the wild suit for the hand. When the final bid ends in notrump, the highest card played in the suit that has been led wins the trick.

How do you play the card game Notrum?

A. Hence the proper play is to cross to dummy with a diamond and lead a heart to the king. The ideal time to win the lead is on the trick that exhausts one opponent of his cards in that suit. A on the second round, then play clubs by finessing into West who has no more spades.