What is the meaning of Kibitzer?

What is the meaning of Kibitzer?

noun Informal. a spectator at a card game who looks at the players' cards over their shoulders, especially one who gives unsolicited advice. a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice. a person who jokes, chitchats, or makes wisecracks, especially while others are trying to work or to discuss something seriously.

What does Kabitzing mean?

English Language Learners Definition of kibitz US, informal. : to talk to someone in a friendly and informal way. : to watch other people and make unwanted comments about what they are doing.

What is a kibitzer in BBO?

A table host on BBO has control over all aspects of their table. These include whether or not kibitzers can attend a table, and whether or not they can chat with players at the table. The table host can determine if players need permission to play.

How do you spell Kabitz?

verb (used with object) to offer advice or criticism to as a kibitzer: to kibitz the team from the bleachers.