What is Guess Who technique?

What is Guess Who technique?

a type of personality rating device used chiefly in schools. Students are given short word pictures depicting a variety of personality types and are directed to identify the classmates whose personalities seem to correspond most closely to those descriptions.

What is your best guess?

A guess that is based on all the knowledge someone has, and is therefore as close to being correct as he or she can make it; the most likely deduction given the available information.

How do you respond to I guess so?

A: Please come. It’ll be so much fun! How do you respond to I guess so? If you’re asked a yes or no question that’s serious, and you reply, “I guess so,” you’re not really answering the question.

How do you use Guess?

Used with adverbs: “She guessed correctly.” (correctly, right, incorrectly, wrong) “He easily guessed the right answer.” Used with verbs: “Can you guess where I am?” (can) “He tried to guess her age.” Used with prepositions: “I can only guess at his intentions.” (at) “He guessed from the pictures that she was married.”

What is an educated guess?

A speculation based on past experience or knowledge, as in I’m not sure how much meat we need to feed twelve, but I’ll make an educated guess and say six pounds. [