What happens if you land on your own piece in trouble?

What happens if you land on your own piece in trouble?

If you have your own peg occupying your START, you cannot move a new peg in case you pop a 6. Also, you cannot land on your own peg. You will have to move another peg in such a case. After taking one clockwise round around the board, a peg has to enter its respective FINISH line.

What happens when you roll a 1 in trouble?

When a player rolls a 1, they do NOT get to move but the other players have the opportunity to move a piece from "home" into the "start" position.

What are the rules for the board game Trouble?

The player with the highest roll goes first and play proceeds clockwise (to the left). Trouble game rules state to move your pieces from Home to Start, you must roll a 6. If you do not roll a 6, and no pieces are in play (all pieces are still on your “Home”), then your turn is over.

What numbers get you out in trouble?

the number six is popped you get to pop. and move again in order to get a peg out of your home you must pop a six if you do move one peg onto the start space and pop again if an opponent's peg occupies a space you move two you take that space and return the opponent's peg to their home space.