What do the queens hold in a pack of cards?

What do the queens hold in a pack of cards?

Queen of spades only queen to hold a sceptre, which has changed shape after being cut in half by the frame.

What flower is the queen of hearts holding?

The Queen of Hearts is probably the card most referenced in pop culture, often mentioned in song lyrics and romantic dialogues as both a mender and breaker of hearts. In reference to that ambiguity, the Desjgn Queen of Hearts holds a black flower.

What does the king of diamonds hold in his hand?

In the original Rouen design, the King of Diamonds is seen from behind. He is holding a poleaxe to his right, and looking to the left he has his other hand out as if about to break into song.

Who do the queens in a deck of cards represent?

Originally posted Mar 06 2009 12:33 PM. Answer has 4 votes. The queens are Pallas (warrior goddess; equivalent to the Greek Athena or Roman minerva), Rachel (biblical mother of Joseph), Argine (the origin of which is obscure), and Judith (of the Apocrypha). Response last updated by postcards2go on Aug 26 2016.