What do the pieces do in Stratego?

What do the pieces do in Stratego?

Pieces have a rank and represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. In addition to those ranked pieces you can use bombs to protect your flag. Pieces move 1 square per turn, horizontally or vertically. Only the scout can move over multiple empty squares per turn.

How many of each Stratego pieces are there?

Stratego (/strtio/ str-TEE-goh) is a strategy board game for two players on a board of 1010 squares. Each player controls 40 pieces representing individual officer and soldier ranks in an army. The pieces have Napoleonic insignia.

Can you go backwards in Stratego?

Pieces move 1 square at a time forward, backwards, left, or right. They cannot move diagonally, jump over or move through another piece. They cannot move onto the same space as another piece unless they are attacking. A piece may not move back and forth between two squares for 3 consecutive turns.

Can you play Stratego online?

You can play free Stratego online at KeyGames.com. You will have to endure a video ad first. You will need to have Adobe Flash installed or install it. You will be able to create a profile, challenge friends, and enjoy 3D battle effects.