What are task cards in education?

What are task cards in education?

At the basic level task cards are a set of cards that have tasks or questions written on them. They are one of the many teaching tools that I find very effective when it comes to reinforcement and assessment. They are also an effective alternative for student worksheets that may seem to be boring at times.

How do you make fun card tasks?

The Mirror Game is a fun task card game to play with the whole class. Have your kids sit facing each other with whiteboards. Ask a question from a task card and then the kids answer it without showing their partner. Chose a signal word or phrase (GO!), and kids show their partner the answer.

How do you use task cards in high school math?

Students get up, select a task, go to their seat, solve a problem, and record their answer on the “Let's Play Recording Sheet.” Then, they put it back on the table, select another problem, go back to their seat, solve the next task, record their answer, etc., until they've solved all 24 challenges.