Is the banker on Deal or no deal real 2019?

Is the banker on Deal or no deal real 2019?

The mysterious money master has been unmasked as Glenn Hugill, a producer on the show and a former Coronation Street star. Talking about his newest game show, Richard told the Metro: “Two Tribes was an idea that Glenn Hugill – the banker on Deal Or No Deal – and I had been thinking about for a long time.

Why did deal or no deal end in Australia?

Deal or No Deal has not secured funding into the future, according to Seven. “We decided at the end of last year that it was, for all of us, unnecessary to film any more,” he said. “They are currently rolling out repeats. No one until right now has noticed!”

Is Deal or no deal coming back in 2020?

'Deal or No Deal' Season 5 premiered on December 5, 2018. The show went on a hiatus for a while, but then returned to the TV screens on June 12, 2019. While no release date has been fixed, it is expected that 'Deal or No Deal' Season 6 will release sometime towards the end of 2019.