Is Dominion good for 2 players?

Is Dominion good for 2 players?

Dominion works fine with 2,3,4 players alike. The flavor is different a bit with each number of players, but that’s it. But most games don’t scale well down to 2 players, even if they claim they do on the box.

How do you win dominion?

Tips to win DominionSilver. Buy silver at the beginning of the game. Action Cards. Scan the action cards at the beginning of the game to see if any particular cards appeal to you. Provinces. Buy a Province whenever possible. Gold. Buy lots of gold in the mid-game. Money. Spend all of your money unless you have a good reason not to. Opponents.

How do curses work in Dominion?

. Curses are usually gained from an opponent’s curser, but they are always in the supply whether or not the particular kingdom actually has a curser. Sometimes, a player with a large lead and ample +Buy will try to buy out the Curses in order to accelerate the endgame by creating a three-pile ending. …

Are curses victory cards?

Curse cards do not have the type Victory. (You can see this in the rules or by reading the card closely – although they affect your VP total, they do not have “Victory” in the type line, just “Curse”).

What is a supply pile in Dominion?

The Supply piles are basically every pile of cards from which you can buy/gain/etc. in the game, with a few specific exceptions (prizes for Tournament, cards in the Black Market deck). So, for example, if curses, estates, and duchies are gone, then the game ends.