How much money did the inventor of Monopoly make?

How much money did the inventor of Monopoly make?

And yet it was the monopolist version of the game that caught on, with Darrow claiming a version of it as his own and selling it to Parker Brothers. While Darrow made millions and struck an agreement that ensured he would receive royalties, Magie's income for her creation was reported to be a mere $500.

How many games of Monopoly have been sold?

Over 250 million sets of Monopoly® have been sold4 since its invention and the game has been played by over half a billion people5 making it possibly the most popular board game in the world.

Who owns the Monopoly game?

HasbroMonopoly is a board game currently published by Hasbro. In the game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels.

What is the original monopoly?

The board game Monopoly has its origin in the early 20th century. The earliest known version of Monopoly, known as The Landlord's Game, was designed by an American, Elizabeth Magie, and first patented in 1904 but existed as early as 1902.