How much does a Crokinole board cost?

How much does a Crokinole board cost?

Crokinole range between $175-$725. True enthusiasts will be dazzled by their lux selection and craftsmanship. offers standard boards starting at $200 and a wide range of higher-end sets, often made to order.

What size is a Crokinole board?

Shipping calculated at checkout. This board is hand made in Canada from premium select Ash and Baltic birch. It is a traditional size board measuring 28-1/2″ in diameter with a 24″ playing surface.

Where was Crokinole invented?

southwestern Ontario

What are the rules of Crokinole?

At the end of each round, scoring takes place. Each player or partnership counts their discs within each Scoring Zone. If a disc is touching a scoring line, it counts as the lesser value. Discs in the 15 Zone are worth 15 points each; in the 10 Zone, 10 points each; in the 5 Zone, 5 points each.

What is the winning score in Crokinole?

Longer or shorter games: If you have less time to play Crokinole, play until lower total points using traditional scoring. The player/team that reaches at least 50 points first is the winner. For longer gameplay aim for higher total points (e.g. 150 or 200 points).

What is the hammer in Crokinole?

Hammer. The last shot of the round, a particular advantage. The player/team with the last shot is said to “have the hammer.”

What is Crokinole powder made of?

The powder is made of pure food-grade plant/vegetable starch.

Is Crokinole a sport?

More than a board game, Crokinole aficionados consider it a sport. Requiring eye-hand coordination, the object of the game is to flick discs into the centre hole of the board or into higher value fields. In essence, it is similar to billiards but without the stick (and balls). It can be played by two to four players.

How do you beat Crokinole?

(With 2 players, the player that won the round goes first. With 4 players, the play is progressive or clockwise). The first player (or team) to reach e.g., 100 points, wins. The winning score shall be determined at the start of the game and typically is 100 points, or an agreed to score.

Can you play Crokinole with 3 players?

3 Players. Crokinole can also be played with 3 players. The game can either be played with one team of 2 players and another team of 1 player, or with three teams of 1 player each (if you have a sufficient number of discs). With two teams, players on a shared team will alternate taking shots and 12 discs will be used.

How do you pronounce Crokinole?

It’s pronounced Crow-kihn-ohl in the song “King of Spain” by Moxy Fruvous, and that’s good enough for me.

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Canadian Tire price match guarantees with competitors advertising a lower price. The refund of the difference is available within 30 days of purchase or 14 days if matching to another Canadian Tire store. It is applicable for both in-store and online purchases.