How many trap cards can you play per turn?

How many trap cards can you play per turn?

Unlike your Monster Cards, Spells and Traps have no once-per-turn restriction on them. During your turn, you could play all your Spell Cards, or Set all your Spell and Trap Cards. But if you watch many veteran Duelists, you'll notice they don't set all their Spell and Trap Cards right away.

Can you activate two trap cards at once?

Can an opponent activate multiple trap cards on one of your monsters? Not "at the same time", but you could activate them in a chain. For example, you could activate either Dust Tornado or Trap Hole, ask your opponent if they wish to respond, and then chain your remaining card, and resolve the chain backwards.

How many trap cards should be in a Yugioh deck?

20This also means that your Deck has about 20 Spell or Trap Cards, and you can play as many of them as you want per turn to protect your monsters.

How many cards can you have in your hand Yugioh?

six cardWith the six card hand limit Slifer's attack points can't be stronger than 6000 with the discard regulation in place, but with Infinite Cards the hand limit is removed, allowing players to hold as many cards as they wish; thus, Slifer's attack points can be even higher than 6000.