How many spaces can you move a pawn?

How many spaces can you move a pawn?

two spacesIn their first move, each pawn has the option to move forward one space or two spaces. After this move, they can only move one space forward. However, they are also the only chess piece that captures in a method different from how they move. To capture, the Pawn moves diagonally one space (see the diagram).

Can you move a pawn diagonally without capturing?

The first time each pawn is moved it has the option of moving two spaces forward instead of the usual one space. After a pawn moves (either one or two spaces), this option is lost for that piece. Pawns capture only by moving diagonally. This is the only way they can capture, and the only way they can move diagonally.

Which pawn should I move first?

Most of the beginners generally move the e-pawn first. (since that's what is taught to them at first). Playing e4(King's Pawn opening) is quite common(and aggressive line) and is played by many top grandmasters.

What directions can a pawn move?

Unlike other pieces, the pawn does not capture in the same direction that it moves. A pawn captures diagonally forward one square to the left or right (see diagram).