How many career cards are in the game of life?

How many career cards are in the game of life?

9 Career CardsCAREER SPACES The symbols on these spaces match those on the 9 Career Cards. Players earn money from opponents who land on their Career Spaces. When you land on a Career Space, do the following: – If an opponent owns the matching Career Card, pay that player the amount on the space.

How do you play twists and turns in the game of life?

The game is over when the Lifepod runs out of years. Each player puts their Visa Card into the Lifepod, which will calculate the number of Life Points the player has won. This is done by changing the values of their cars and houses into Life Points. The player with the most Life Points wins the game.

How many babies can you have in the game of life?

five childrenThe Game of Life: Extreme Reality embraces this by making it really easy to have a large family. In one turn alone you can have up to five children. Instead of having to move around two cars though the game introduces daycare where you put your kids that you can't fit into the car.

Do you have to trade salary cards in the game of life?

If you land on a career space, pay the person with the matching Career Card or if no one has it, pay the bank (if you own it you don't need to do anything). When players land on the You're Fired or Mid-Life Crisis, they must trade your Salary and Career Card in for new ones.