How many armies do you get in risk?

How many armies do you get in risk?

one-player Risk Each player takes 40 armies and alternately places one army on an unoccupied territory until each has occupied 14 territories. The remaining armies are alternately distributed on the occupied territories.

How does attacking work in risk?

Attacking. After placing your armies at the beginning of your turn, decide if you wish to attack at this time. The object of an attack is to capture a territory by defeating all the opposing armies already on it. The battle is fought by a roll of the dice.

What are the secret missions in risk?

Missions are:Capture Europe, Australia and one other continent.Capture Europe, South America and one other continent.Capture North America and Africa.Capture North America and Australia.Capture Asia and South America.Capture Asia and Africa.Capture 24 territories.Capture 18 territories and occupy each with two troops.

How do you win the game of Risk?

At the heart of Risk is an arms race. In the end, the person who consistently gets the most armies and uses them most effectively will win. Therefore the person to attack (all else being equal) is whichever player is in the lead, unless attacking someone else will get one more armies.

Does risk take skill?

Risk takes more skill. You’ve got meaningful decisions about where to attack/reinforce/stop attacking each turn. With Risk I find that one of the most advantageous rules is the final end of turn move and is more strategic than anything done in Monopoly ever.