How do you use harbors in Catan?

How do you use harbors in Catan?

When built upon a 3:1 harbor, you can trade 3 of the same resource card for 1 card of your choice from the bank. There are also one 2:1 harbor for each of the different resources. When built on one of these you can trade 2 of the specified resource for 1 resource card of your choice from the bank.

What are the Harbor pieces for in Settlers of Catan?

The harbor pieces are for randomizing your harbors if you chose to not use this map. Quote: It doesn't matter where the harbors are at. What matters is if something like a 6 or 8 wood is placed next to the wood harbor.

Where can you build settlements in Catan?

and have their longest road of all players. take the longest Road tile settlements can be built but only at intersections that have 3 empty intersections adjacent to them each of your settlements. must also connect to at least one of your roads. if you build a city pay its cost and replace one of your settlements.

Can you start on a harbor in Catan?

During the initial placement, you are allowed to place a settlement on any open intersection (as constrained by the proximity restrictions), so you are allowed to place on coastal intersections, so placing on a harbour is a legitimate placement for a settlement during setup.