How do you store a scythe board game?

How do you store a scythe board game?

2 types of resources are kept in the plastic containers. Cards are rolled up in bags. All the rolled bags, I tuck into spaces around the game board, miniature containers, and player boards. It all fits nicely in the box.

What are the plastic boxes in scythe for?

During play, we put the resources in the lids of the boxes and use the bottom sections to store the small denomination coins and the used encounter tokens. Enjoy the game.

How do I organize my board game pieces?

6 Storage Tips to Keep Your Board Game Components Nice and Organized1 Ditch the Original Insert. 7 Wonders has a great insert, but it doesn’t do too well with expansionary content. 2 Rubber Bands. 3 Baggies. 4 Plastic Containers. 5 Make a Foamcore Insert. 6 Buy a Pre-made Insert.

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