How do you play curses?

How do you play curses?

Curses is very easy to learn and simple to play. Pick the top Challenge Card from the deck and do what it states. Then pick the top Curse Card and play it on someone. Anyone caught breaking (not performing) their curse during the game has to turn that card over.

Are curses victory cards?

No. Curse cards do not have the type Victory. They just have type Curse. (You can see this in the rules or by reading the card closely – although they affect your VP total, they do not have "Victory" in the type line, just "Curse").

Do curse cards count as a supply pile?

Yes they do. All supply piles count. (The only exception to this is the Black Market deck, which isn't a supply pile.)

How many curses are there in Dominion?

30 curse cardsThe game is made up of 500 cards. There are three large piles of treasure cards: copper, silver, and gold. There are smaller piles of each victory card divided into provinces, duchies, and estates. There are 30 curse cards, and 250 kingdom cards, 10 each of 25 types.