How do you dry out playing cards?

How do you dry out playing cards?

Take it from someone who has had there fair share of runied card's, your best bet is to get a table and place each card individualy out and let them all dry and then once they dry for a couple hour's and then put them back into a full deck and play with them a bit and it should undistort them after they dry.

How do you fix a wet card?

– For a whole stack of wet cards, put them in a hinged plastic 50 or 100 card case. Put absorbent material between each card, such as smooth paper (but not tissue paper which breaks down easily, or paper towels which have texture that will dig into the cards).

How can I make my card last longer?

2.) Only use your cards when your hands are clean. If your cards get dirty, they will start to clump up and smell funny, so make sure your hands are clean when using them. It's good to get into the habit of washing your hands before practicing or performing.

How long do playing cards last?

Depending on how busy the table is, the type of game, and whether they are being shuffled by hand or by machine, decks in Vegas can last up to 12 hours. But during periods of heavy play, that number can be as little as one hour before being switched out.