How do you always win at mastermind?

How do you always win at mastermind?

Start with initial guess 1122 (Knuth gives examples showing that some other first guesses such as 1123, 1234 do not win in five tries on every code). Play the guess to get a response of colored and white pegs. If the response is four colored pegs the game is won, the algorithm terminates.

How many pieces are in mastermind?

Code Pegs: Approximately 72 large round-headed pegs (about 12 each of 6 colors). Key Pegs: Approximately 30 small flat-headed pegs (about 15 each of black and while). Separate the Code Pegs from the Key Pegs. Decide which player is to be the Codemaker and which to be the Codebreaker.

How many colors are in mastermind?

With four pegs and six colours, there are 64 = 1296 different patterns (allowing duplicate colours).

Who is the mastermind?

A mastermind is a brilliant thinker with original ideas. You might be a chess mastermind or a criminal mastermind: either way, people will not want to oppose you. Inventors, intellectuals, and famous geniuses call all be called masterminds, from Albert Einstein to theoretical physicist Dr. Shirley Jackson.