Do cards with flash have summoning sickness?

Do cards with flash have summoning sickness?

Yes, it will have summoning sickness during your opponent's turn. However, it will not have summoning sickness on your turn.

What do the symbols mean on Magic The Gathering cards?

Due to the special frame used in Future Sight every card type received a symbol. The symbols represent the following from left to right: instant, sorcery, creature, enchantment, land, artifact, and multitype. The planeswalker symbol. Symbolizes planeswalker cards and is also used to planeswalk in the Planechase format.

Can you discard a card from your hand in magic?

It is the act of putting it from your hand into your graveyard. There are two reasons why a player should discard a card. One is at the end of his or her turn. During the discard phase each player reduces their hand to seven cards if they have more in hand.

How do instant cards work in magic?

Instants, like sorceries, represent one-shot or short-term magical spells. They are never put onto the battlefield; instead, they take effect when their mana cost is paid and the spell resolves, and then are immediately put into the player's graveyard. Sorceries and instants differ only in when they can be played.