Can you trade development cards Settlers of Catan?

Can you trade development cards Settlers of Catan?

Trading in Settlers of Catan. After you roll for resource production, you may trade with other players (domestic trade) or with the bank (maritime trade). You may not trade Development Cards. You may not trade like resources (e.g., 2 wool for 1 wool).

Can you trade Knight cards in Catan?

You cannot trade or give away Development Cards. You may only play 1 Development Card during your turn— either 1 Knight Card or 1 Progress Card. You can play the card at any time, even before you roll the dice.

Can you build a settlement between two opponents roads?

Perfectly valid play. Even more, you can play a settlement between two of another player's roads (as long as you respect the distance rule and you also have a road leading to that intersection).

Can you trade for nothing in Catan?

No. On Catan, a trade always involves giving and taking resources. Consequently, Catan's trade law does not contain a “trade” of something for nothing or for immaterial goods such as services.