Can you put a draw 4 as your last card?

Can you put a draw 4 as your last card?

You can end on an action card, however, you can only play one card per turn. Yes, you can end the game with an action card. If it is however, a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four card, the next player must draw the 2 or 4 cards respectively. These cards are counted when the points are totaled.

Can you put a Draw 4 on a draw 4?

The rule is, you may not play a Wild Draw 4 unless you do not have any card that matches the color of the top card on the stack. No, it's not valid to do so since according to the Mattel's UNO rules the next player forfeit their turn and MUST draw 4 cards from the pile.

Do you get skipped on a draw 4?

played loses his/her turn and is “skipped.” If this card is turned up at the beginning of play, the first player (the player to the left of the dealer) is skipped. Note: A Player may play a “Wild Draw Four” card even if they have a matching number or word card of a different color in their hand.

Can Draw 4 go on draw 2?

No, not according to the standard rules of Uno. You must take 2 cards from the draw pile and play passes to the next player who must match color or play a Wild card. A +4 card is usually a Wild +4 card, so yes. However, you'd still have to draw 2 for the +2 card.