Can you delete a post on Moodle?

Can you delete a post on Moodle?

From Moodle Wiki Navigate to the discussion thread within the forum and click on its title. Or scroll to the post that you want to delete. This will delete the post and any posts that stem from it.

Can you delete a post on Blackboard?

You can edit or delete your own posts only if your instructor has made those options available to you. You cannot edit or delete others’ posts. If you post a message in error and the option to delete it is not available to you, contact your instructor.

Can a student delete a submission on blackboard?

Once a file has been successfully submitted to an assignments, you can’t delete it. However, if you have the ability to make another submission, re-submit the file …

How do I edit a post on Blackboard discussion board?

Edit or delete replies

  1. Open a thread in a forum.
  2. On the thread’s page, point to a post to view the available functions.
  3. Select Edit or Delete. The delete action is irreversible.
  4. When you edit, the page expands so that you can make edits in the editor while you view the original post.
  5. Select Submit.

How do you delete a saved draft on Blackboard?

Access the Display menu and select Drafts Only to view the saved post. Select the draft’s title to open the Thread page. While you view your post, point to it to view Edit and Delete.

How do I delete an attachment on blackboard?

Remove an attachment

  1. From Site Manager, find the app you want to edit.
  2. Edit the record and find the attachment.
  3. Select Remove.
  4. Select Yes and Save.

Does blackboard automatically save drafts?

When posting to a discussion board in Blackboard, you will see that you have a “save draft” button located next to your “submit” button. If you begin to create your post and need to step away, you can click to “save draft” and Blackboard will save what you have entered for you to go back to later and finish.

How do I post a saved draft on Blackboard?

Blackboard (Students) – Assignments: Submit a Saved Draft

  1. Click the Assignment link in your course (ex: Writing Assignment link in Week 1 course folder)
  2. You will see a screen that shows your saved submission/new attempt.
  3. On the next screen, you should see any original attachments you had saved.
  4. Then click the Submit button to finalize your submission.

How do I recover work on Blackboard?

Use the restore function in the recycle bin to easily restore your page.

  1. Navigate to the Site Manager.
  2. Select Recycle Bin. Deleted pages are displayed with the most recently deleted items listed first.
  3. Select Restore to restore deleted pages. Your page is restored and listed at the bottom of your page list.

How do you edit submissions on blackboard?

After you add content, open the menu and select Edit to make changes or add more content. You can edit settings for the files you’ve added. Select a file in the editor and then select the Edit Attachment icon in the row of editor options. You can add a Display Name and Alternative Text.

How do you post a discussion on blackboard?

To add a discussion board to the Blackboard Course Menu:

  1. Click the Discussions link on the Course Menu.
  2. Click Create Forum Link.
  3. Type a name for the link and choose the options you need.
  4. Click Submit.

How do I post anonymously on blackboard?

8. If anonymous posting has been enabled on the forum you can post anonymously by ticking the Post Message as Anonymous tick box.

How do I start a discussion thread on blackboard?

How to Create a Thread

  1. Navigate to your course Home Page.
  2. From the Course Menu, click Discussion Boards (Note: faculty must add a Tool link to the Course Menu), OR…
  3. From the Course Menu, click Tools and then click Discussion Boards.
  4. Select a Forum to open.
  5. Click Create Thread Entry.
  6. Enter a name for your Thread.

How do you start a discussion post?

How to Write a Strong Discussion Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Do your homework.
  2. Read prompts carefully.
  3. Wake up your classmates with a strong argument or perspective.
  4. Be relevant.
  5. Bring something unique to the post.
  6. Prepare your response in a text editor (like Word) before you post.
  7. Leave participants wanting more.

How do you start a discussion forum?

The most common approach for organizing discussions is to type your discussion topic in the forum title and add details in the forum description.

  1. Type a subject or a discussion question in the forum title and provide instructions or details in the description.
  2. Allow students to create threads.

How do you respond to a discussion?

There are three main ways to respond constructively to a post: “No, because…” • “Yes, and…” • “Yes, but…” If you disagree with someone’s post, show that you appreciate that your classmate has an opinion, even if it’s different from your own. Don’t personally attack the writer, and avoid using emotional appeals.

What makes a good discussion post?

Good discussion threads should be substantial but concise: convey only the information that is most meaningful and accessible to your classmates. Make sure to always re-read your response! A good habit is to copy and paste your thread into a Word document prior to posing to check for errors in spelling and grammar.

How can I improve my online discussion forum?

5 Ways to Improve Online Discussion Boards

  1. Respond to Everyone. It can be rather intimidating to be the first one to answer a question in a large group.
  2. Give Specific Instructions.
  3. Challenge Students.
  4. Assign Responsibilities.
  5. Work with Small Groups.

How do you introduce yourself in a discussion board?

Your introduction should be no shorter than 250 words in length and should give us a general idea of your interests and goals. You may want to explain your decision to come to SCC, your major, your career goals, and where you see yourself in the next five years.

How many words should a discussion post be?

250 words

What is a thoughtful response?

A thoughtful response is a response that is “full of thought.” In other words, it clearly demonstrates that some careful thought went into to the writing of the response.

How long should discussions be?

Generally the length of the ‘Discussion ‘ section should not exceed the sum of other sections (ıntroduction, material and methods, and results), and it should be completed within 6–7 paragraphs.. Each paragraph should not contain more than 200 words, and hence words should be counted repeteadly.

What are forums for?

A forum is an online discussion board where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest. Forums are an excellent way to create social connections and a sense of community. They can also help you to cultivate an interest group about a particular subject.

Are forums dead?

Forums are not dead but it’s much harder to get people on them and then make them visit regularly. So the only forums that exist are either niche communities, or large communities that somehow survived the facebook era, or private communities (for example software/hardware support)..

What are the disadvantages of forums?

Busy online discussion forums may cause information overload. A large volume of messages can be overwhelming and hard to follow, even stress-inducing. This is difficult to argue with given the inexact nature of “large volume”. We have had consultations with up to 2500 comments.

How do forums work?

In a standard Internet forum, a user creates a post. That post can be accessed by other users at any time. Posts can contain questions, opinions, images, videos, links, and more. Users can respond to the post, which creates a dialogue other users can participate in, also called a thread.