Can the card game war go on forever?

Can the card game war go on forever?

I've always played war where the captured cards go into a pile which are shuffled before played again. In this case a war game will rarely go on forever.

Is it possible to win war card game?

The first player to win the entire deck of cards is the winner. Alternatively, because winning the entire deck can take a long time, the first player to win three wars is the winner.

How do you play the card game linger longer?

Whichever player played the highest card or highest trump card, if a trump card was played, wins the trick. The cards from the finished trick are placed to the side and the winner of the trick takes the top card from the stock adding it to their hand. The winner then plays the first card starting the next trick.

How does card game War end?

The player who put down the highest card gets all of the cards on the table (the ones from the beginning of the War, the 3 face down ones from the middle, and the final one from the end). If all players put down the same card for their final face up card, then the process of War is repeated on top of the earlier War.