Are drawing cards independent?

Are drawing cards independent?

Yes, they are independent because the density of picture cards among the hearts is the same as the density of picture cards among the rest of the deck. P(ii)=12/52 as there are 12 picture cards in the pack of 52 and any card can be second from the top with equal probability.

What is the probability of drawing 4 diamonds from a standard card deck without replacing the cards after each draw?

There are 13 units in the deck, with 4 cards of the same unit per each unit. So, drawing a given unit has a probability of 4/52=1/13.

What is the probability of drawing a club from a deck of cards?

The probability of picking up a club is 13/52, since each deck contains 13 club (1♣, 2♣, 3♣, 4♣, 5♣, 6♣, 7♣, 8♣, 9♣, 10♣, J♣, Q♣, K♣) cards.

What is an example of a independent event?

Definition: Two events, A and B, are independent if the fact that A occurs does not affect the probability of B occurring. Some other examples of independent events are: Landing on heads after tossing a coin AND rolling a 5 on a single 6-sided die.