What killed Warhammer fantasy?

What killed Warhammer fantasy?

Yes, Games-Workshop blew up the planet, killing everyone on it. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is dead and gone. Total War: Warhammer takes place before The End Times and is unlikely ever going to include them. It was "canonically" destroyed in the End Times and is no longer supported by Games Workshop.

Why was Warhammer Fantasy discontinued?

Perhaps the biggest reason why to end warhammer fantasy was due to the success of warhammer 40k. 40k is their best selling game, and games workshop would have to focus on that, since it was raking in most of the dough. Secondly, the setting wasn't all that different from other fantasy universe.

Is Warhammer fantasy dead?

Sadly, the old Warhammer World was destroyed during a campaign known as The End Times. However, the Intellectual Property is still owned by GW so there maybe stories, specialist games, etc in the future. You will find them in video games though, as many of them were in production well before the End Times.

What was the last edition of Warhammer Fantasy?

Warhammer has been periodically updated and re-released since first appearing in 1982, with changes to the gaming system and army lists. The eighth edition, released on 10 July 2010, was the final version.