How did the Horn of Gondor get split?

How did the Horn of Gondor get split?

The horn was broken into two pieces during Boromir's last fight with the Orcs and Uruk-hai of Saruman at Amon Hen, and placed by Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli with Boromir's body at his final send-off over the Falls of Rauros.

How does denethor get Boromir’s horn?

'And now the horn of the elder son lies in two pieces upon the lap of Denethor, sitting in his high chair, waiting for news. So, the horn was taken to Denethor, and later he heard Faramir's recounting of seeing his brother in the elven boat. What happens to Boromir's body in LOTR?

Why is Gondor so important?

Gondor was in a very crucial position, in order to guard Middle Earth and because of Gondor's proximity to Mordor, its military forces had to be proficiently trained and vigilantly on guard at all times. Because of this, they were arguably the strongest country that opposed Sauron.

Why does the steward of Gondor hate Faramir?

He feels that Faramir is influenced too much by Gandalf. It isn't to say that Denethor dislikes the idea of education and the like, but he feels that Faramir does not have appropriate loyalty to Gondor and his lineage.