Can Dark Angels use Primaris Marines?

Can Dark Angels use Primaris Marines?

I have an <insert favourite Chapter> army. Can I field Primaris Space Marines? Any of the galaxy's many hundreds of Codex Chapters can use Primaris Space Marines, along with many of the less Codex-compliant ones like Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves.

What is the dark angels secret?

The Dark Angels' terrible secret is this: during the Horus Heresy, some of their brethren were turned to the side of Chaos. This story of treachery and betrayal is the Dark Angels' hidden shame, and their secret mission to destroy all of the Fallen is now their only hope of salvation.

Are there dark angels?

Dark angels are just angels of slightly lower vibrations that do the dirty work. They're the angels of protection, justice, vengeance, death, and sorrow. They're not evil, they just do what they need to do. They keep things balanced.

Are the Dark Angels loyal?

The Dark Angels (also known as the "The Unforgiven") are amongst the most loyal, honoured, accomplished and powerful Space Marine Chapters in the Imperium. Their grim determination and relentless persecution of their foes are legendary, and their combat record tells a long tale of selfless heroism.