What is the biggest modding community?

What is the biggest modding community?


Will Evil Genius 2 have Steam Workshop?

“The modding community has been phenomenal in keeping interest in the original Evil Genius alive, and we’ve certainly been watching with interest. The Evil Genius 2 Steam page also lacks any mentions of Steam Workshop support, likely confirming that official mod support won’t be available at launch.

Does Evil Genius 2 have Denuvo?

The villainous lair simulator Evil Genius 2: World Domination may have Denuvo Digital Rights Management in the final product. A quick look at the Steam Database page for Evil Genius 2: World Domination shows that a branch of the game’s code has speculatively been made with the intent of testing Denuvo’s DRM.

Does Evil Genius 2 have a campaign?

The main campaign is a series of missions that take you through the process of conquering the world (each of the four available geniuses has a unique doomsday device, which I like). But instead of hatching schemes within schemes, the limited mechanics of Evil Genius 2 make each mission feel like the one before it.

Will Xbox One have Evil Genius 2?

Will Evil Genius 2 release on Xbox One? Rebellion said it’s focusing on releasing Evil Genius 2 for PC right now and has no current plans for releasing on Xbox One.

How do you recruit henchmen in Evil Genius 2?

To recruit extra henchmen you’ll need to take on side stories relating to different Crime Lords around the world. These will appear in the objectives menu after you get to a certain point in the main narrative.

How do you get more minions in Evil Genius 2?

The maximum minions cap in Evil Genius 2 is 300. The primary method to increase your lair’s minion capacity is by constructing additional lockers within your barracks. The more lockers you build, the more minions you can support in your lair.

What time will Evil Genius 2 be released?

WHAT IS THE EVIL GENIUS 2 RELEASE TIME? From the information shared so far, the Evil Genius release time has been scheduled for around 4pm BST, on Tuesday, March 30.