Top 7 Writing Board Games

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an inspiring writer or wanting to spend time with family to bond, you cannot go wrong with writing board games. These games have grown in popularity over the last few years, and the coronavirus has put the spotlight on them again.

They are a good way to get close and connect with family members. Playing games with our loved ones can bring out the competitive nature in us, especially if the weather is terrible outside. Writing board games can also bring people out of their shells. Anyone low on confidence can gain some of it back by playing board games. This article will look at the top 7 writing board games anyone can play for fun or improve their writing.


This is one of the best writing board games in the world and is very easy to play. From a deck of cards, the storyteller will need one and then describe it to the other players in any way, shape or they wish. It is then up to the other player to pick a card that they think closely represents the one the storyteller has.

The cards are then turned over, and it becomes a guessing game. The players have to pick a card they feel belongs to the storyteller. Writers can develop their descriptive skills thanks to this board game because they don’t have to rely on details but figurative devices. The storyteller doesn’t have to describe the image they have, but simply figure out ways to hint what they have to other players.


This game is also easy to play and requires participating players to come up with a story based on a theme, 3 words, and 3 pictures. Players have to be quick because there’s a timer and when it runs out, each player has to read aloud the stories and the best one is picked. Advanced writers who work for a professional writing service greatly benefit from this game because it helps them learn how to deal with pressure, meeting a deadline, and improving their creativity. Humor and speed are key to winning this game, plus it is great fun for people of all ages.

Story Cubes

Players of this game are required to roll the 9 cubes that this game comes with and tell a story using the 9 icons. To begin telling their tale, players must say the phrase “Once upon a time” and they can tell their story how they want. Writers who want to improve their writing skills will benefit from this game because it helps deal with what is known as “writer’s block”. This is where writers are struggling to come up with ideas for their content and improve their imagination. The cubes can help one come up with new stories and characters for future content.


As the name states, this game is all about location, and players have to explain and describe different locations to each other. Points are awarded to the player whose location is the most believable and tricking other players. Imaginary and description skills are greatly improved when one plays this game because players have to show more but tell less.

Apples to Apples

Rather than be played the traditional way, a notepad can be used to replace the red apple cards and players need to write down an original reply. This reply can be anything the players want, however, the best way to play is to write a one-sentence story. This needs to go hand in hand with the word that is on the green Apple Card.

Flash fiction writing and short storytelling are two skills that will improve when one plays this game and the timer forces writers to come up with something creative that responds to any description words on the card. The most engaging and entertaining story wins. Writers do everything they can to make every word count, and this board game is great for improving wordplay.

Cards Against Humanity

To make things more exciting, players can buy blank cards and make this game their own. These cards that are created can follow the same themes like the ones that come with the game, or players can start from zero. To have more fun, players can start from zero with blank cards, write one-sentence stories with important information missing.  Players can then come up with reply cards that fill in the missing components of their story, or the other players can participate and come up with their replies while the game is being played. This game is wonderful for writers who want to improve their plot telling skills.

Once Upon a Time

Last on the list is this incredibly made storytelling card game. In this game. This game is very straightforward to play just like the game mentioned above, and it encourages creativity. The one telling the story will use elements found on their card in an attempt to complete the story with the ending they have. The participating players have to do their best to take over the story by interrupting the player doing storytelling. The winner is the player who’s able to complete the story while using all their cards. This game will put anyone’s plot writing skills to the test while creating stories within a story.

Inspiring writers and book readers like to be left alone in their little world, but come alive when there are writing board games on the table. The games mentioned above are all fun in their own right and allow writers to improve various aspects of their craft like storytelling, creativity, tone, mood, and more. Dixit is the go-to game for many writers and is a great way for anyone to get into writing if they are curious or a wonderful gift for someone who is or wants to be a writer. All these games are available for purchase in-store or online.