7 Fun Educational Board Games for College Students

The modern variety of board games includes verbal, logic, reaction and dexterity, strategy, quests, team, RPG and others. In addition to enjoying the game itself, they give invaluable communication with friends and family, develop logic, perseverance, intuition, learn to work in a team and count your actions a few steps ahead. And, of course, no game is complete without luck – why not test how much she is committed to you?

Autumn is about to give way to winter. The days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting colder and grayer. It’s time to have a small party, invite  and spend time together on board games. If you are tormented by the pain of choosing a new game, and the old rubbed to the holes and tired, then a selection of new and interesting tables will help you choose exactly what you need for your company or family evening with children.

Top-5 Board Games College Students Enjoy in 2022

How did we make this list? Easy! We asked ourselves, each other and our subscribers and came up with these seven games. You most probably tried several of them, and some may come as new for you.


Citadels is a board game about building your own city. One of the most interesting features of the rules is the almost unlimited possibilities for bluffing, trying to guess your opponent’s strategy and the need for poker skills to stay calm. You have to build a city that should become the richest in the kingdom. Players’ cities are made up of quarters, which are built for gold .. At the beginning of the game you have a certain amount of gold (not very large), as well as several cards of the quarters. All the rest for the construction of your citadel you get, referring to these or those characters who can both help your city and harm the quarters of your opponents. When one of the players completes his city to 7 or 8 blocks, the game ends, but the winner is not the one who builds the largest city, but the one whose city is richer and more beautiful than the rest. Simply put, you can win with six quarters if they are rated higher on points than your opponent’s eight quarters.

Machi Koro

This small and cozy game for 2-5 players will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of Japan. A card analogue of a city management simulator, in which you have all the responsibility for development and prosperity. As a mayor, build restaurants and airports, decorate the streets with trees and monuments. In the beginning, each player receives cards of standard structures and monuments – this is the basis of your city. Next, you need to earn money and manage it wisely. Do not forget that neighboring cities also do not stand still. The winner is the player who is the first to build four sights in his city. This game has become a hit in Japan and is now finding fans around the world. Concise design and simple rules will give you unforgettable pleasure.

Rick and Morty

The new game, based on the fourth series of the second season of the popular cartoon series, is suitable for both friends and family leisure. According to the plot, the heroes of the series find themselves locked up with parasites who have taken the form of friends and family members. Players must find and destroy all the aliens. According to the rules, at the beginning of the game, each player receives three random action cards, and a field of cards with cartoon characters is formed on the table. Under each card is a closed identity card, which determines whether the character is infected with alien parasites. The game offers two modes to choose from: cooperative for beginners and hardcore for more experienced players. You can share information during the game, but you don’t have to tell the truth. Thus, the board game resembles the Mafia, but more dynamic and fun.

Pipolo Djeco

Cute in design and implementation of the classic game of bluff, according to the rules of which you must get rid of all the cards, trying to deceive opponents. Each player is initially given 8 cards with animals. The first player starts and places the card face up, announcing the family (naked, clothed or in feathers). Each player puts his card face up, announcing the same family. The key is not to tell the truth while trying to catch your opponents. If someone suspects an opponent of cheating, he should shout at Pipolo. If the player was right, the cheater takes the entire deck of cards. If he is wrong, he takes the deck. The game is suitable for both family leisure and company.

Pictionary Airy

A modern and updated version of the classic game Pictionary, in which a member of your team must guess earlier than others what your partner shows or draws. The difference of this version is that here the player draws in the air with a special device, and the rest see the results on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. You have to be an even more abstract artist, because you will not see the result. For convenience, the game score is also kept on the tablet. The game is suitable for both children and for recreation in the company.

Evergreen Classics for ESL Students and Not Only

Here are two games that are often chosen for ESL glasses, to help students master the English language. As you can imagine, ENL students can also benefit from it. If, being an ESL student you need more help with writing than with speaking, consider addressing college paper writing services for instant help. You can pay someone for your essays, and play fun and educational games, while your papers are being written by professionals. Prioritize, delegate, enjoy your time in college without missing deadlines for writing assignments.


You have a whole field for making words of letters you randomly choose. When you add letters you need to make sure you maximize your score taking over “double” and “triple” sections. This game is amazing for developing your vocabulary both for speaking and writing.


Many people dream of becoming a millionaire. Anyone can do it with the legendary game “Monopoly”. Feel like the ruler of the world, learn how to make big money, build your business and calculate every step of your competitors with the game “Monopoly.” You definitely know this game.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of amazing games you can play with your college friends, but these are definitely the games to start with.