Who invented Slingo?

Slingo was invented by Sal Falciglia from New Jersey, USA in 1994. Sal Falciglia worked as a real estate developer but always had a passion for both slots and Bingo. As with all inventions, the starting point for the birth of the Slingo was the love for the two toys combined with the endless hours of work he spent in the basement of his house.

A five-reel slot machine was used as a base, which he later modified according to his idea. The game was a success among the members of his family, which further strengthened his confidence in his creation, and in order to be able to show it to the rest of the world, he hired a developer and proceeded on the electronic version. In 2015, the game was acquired by Realms Gaming and marked a revolution in online gambling by offering new games and transforming popular themes of older slots into Slingo.

What are Slingo slots?

Slingo is a hybrid mix of favorite slots and bingo elements. The 5-line, 5-column grid of the 75-ball bingo has been maintained and accompanied by a line that offers a random selection of numbers between 1 and 75 that you must combine to form Slingo winning lines. The new game includes the Spin option that brings out numbers, Joker symbols, free spins and the Devil, elements inspired by slots and so beautifully combined by its inventor.

How to play Slingo?

Starting the game, in the left column you will see the payline that allows you to select your bet and at the same time payout table corresponding to your bet is also visible. In the center is the grid with 25 numbers you need to delete. Your goal is to score as many points as possible with a certain number of spins (usually 10 to 11) set by the game. In the right column you can see both the available spins as well as the ones you have won.

You are now ready to play. Press the Spin button and the random numbers that match the number board will be automatically cleared. The game is not complicated but you will need to stay concentrated as when a Joker or Super Joker symbol appears, you will have to select a number in the column or the grid respectively and delete it.

What do the Slingo symbols mean?

The main symbols you’ll stumble upon while playing Slingo are:

  • The Joker that allows you to delete a number from a specific column of the grid.
  • The Super Joker that allows you to delete a number of your choice, regardless of the column.
  • Free Spins: If you are lucky, you get one more chance to spin the wheel, complete the grid and claim big prizes.
  • Coin Award aka instant cash prizes. This is definitely a sign that luck is on your side.
  • The Devil: It represents bad luck as the spin involving it doesn’t contribute to the completion of the number grid.

How to win on Slingo?

Winning on Slingo is also a combination of bingo and slots: the goal is to collect winning points. You earn winning points by completing columns, rows and diagonals with the numbers on the 5X5 grid of the game. So, if you manage to complete the random number grid, big prizes are waiting for you.

Now let us take a look at all the winning combinations you’ll come across when playing Slingo:

  • Completing fives of numbers on the grid either vertically, horizontally and diagonally. If you get lucky and manage to complete the grid, the greater prize is awaiting you. You need to complete a total of 12 fives.
  • Landing the Coin Award you receive cash prizes
  • Landing 3 or more Joker or Super Joker symbols awards you cash prizes
  • Bear in mind that landing the Free Spin Symbol instantly increases your chances to get closer to the game’s prizes.

Tips for making the right in- game choices

While playing Slingo, the most important factor for the win and prizes is undoubtedly luck. We certainly can not influence the numbers that will appear on the screen, but we can make the right choices when we are asked to do so, so let’s go through some small winning tips.

  • The Joker and Super Joker symbols give us the ability to delete numbers in a certain column or across the entire grid, which in some cases is a crucial decision for the development of the game. What does this mean though? We suggest that our choices are focused on numbers that correspond to Slingo vertical horizontal and diagonal lines at the same time. Let’s look at an example in the following grid to make it more clear. Our initial target is the numbers 36, 26,58,27,50,10,74,12,69 since they belong to three different fives. After the above numbers have been deleted, then our criterion is to select numbers belonging to fives where most of the numbers have been deleted that allow the completion of more than one five.
  • We choose to purchase additional spins wisely, as we can very easily go over our budget and drift away from our goal which is fun and winning. After a certain level the market value of spins is very high and we have to weigh whether we can really afford to lose money that we did not plan for in the first place.
  • Choose the bonus rounds whenever a game offers them. A typical example is the Book of Slingo that offers you 10 free spins on a 5 × 3 reel slot and if luck does not turn its back on you, you will multiply your winnings.
  • Always check the RTP and Variance of the slingo game you are about to play. A high RTP means higher returns for players and theoretically lower risk, while a high variance means fewer numerical wins, but higher winnings if you achieve them and greater risk lurks. Make sure you choose the game that suits your mindset and budget.

These are all tips that will give you the impetus you need if luck is on your side, or even if it’s not, they will help you protect yourself.

Which are the best Slingo SItes?

The best slingo sites have certain features that you should not ignore when choosing one.Let us take a look at what features you should pay attention to before spending even a penny on a site.

  • Given that players’ motivation is primarily fun, it is especially important to choose Slingo websites that offer the most complete selection of Slingo games possible.
  • If playing is the players’ motivation, the bonus is the lure to choose the next slingo site. At this point, it is recommended you pay attention to the terms that follow the bonus, as there you will find out if the bonus is really favorable for the player or if it is just a lure.
  • Safety always comes first. That’s why you should limit your options to Slingo sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which has very strict policies to protect players, their money and their personal
  • Select Slingo sites that offer multiple and reliable payment and withdrawal methods and offer speed in your money return.
  • In addition to security, the credibility and reputation of the chosen casino are equally important. Both of these become ingrained into the players mind over time depending on the consistency it has shown.

Why play Free Slingo games?

The free Slingo games demo is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the game.It is a simulation of the real game that you should not ignore before making your first deposit to a real game.

In any case, it offers you fun in addition to experience, as the only thing missing is the excessive excitement that players feel when playing with real money

Which are the best Slingo games?

  • Slingo Rainbow Riches: In August 2018, Realms gaming released Slingo Rainbow Riches in collaboration with SG Digital. The favorite slot quickly stood out. Besides, the landscapes of Ireland and the Gold Rush are still a special attraction for Slingo lovers.
  • Slingo Monopoly: Our favorite Hasbro Monopoly initially conquered the slots field and the reception from Slingo players was equally deafening. It offers special emotions and expectations for huge wins.
  • Slingo xtreme: Realms Gaming has managed to lure players into xxxtreme fun situations, with no limits and more options. Although it was released only on 5.2017, it remains one of the most popular slingo games among players.

Which are the latest Slingo games released?

Since 2015 and the acquisition of Slingo by Realms Gaming the development has been incredible. Slingo has taken a prominent place in the showcases of prestigious casinos and the demand for new games has multiplied. The following games were released in 2021 and the future is expected to be just as productive.

  • Slingo Starburst
  • Book of Slingo
  • Slingo lucky larry’s Lobstermania 3
  • Slingone Fishin
  • Slingo big wheel
  • Slingo X Scream