Is it possible to get all skills Witcher 3?

Is it possible to get all skills Witcher 3?

To max out every skill you need 280 (not counting mutations) so no, it’s not possible to max out every skill. The max level is 100 if you’re playing with the DLCs included but you’ll probably finish the game around level 40-50 so there’s no real point in trying to max every skill.

How do I get my Witcher gear back?

You cannot recover the gear if you can’t buy it back. You cannot currently upgrade the Witcher starting gear. This was an odd rumour based on the fact that you upgrade the crafted Witcher gear, later on. Examples: feline school armour, ursine school sword, etc.

Should I sell my Witcher gear?

Basically the safest thing to do is: Sell all swords/armor you don’t use [armored for armor, blacksmith for weapons]. Dismantle epic weapons/armor sometimes to get nice ingredients. Dismantle shells for pearls.

Can you get kaer morhen armor back?

You can go back and buy it back from whoever you sold it to. I sold my sword to the first vendor in White Orchard and came back in full Mastercrafted Ursine armor to buy it for my house.

Can you upgrade Geralt’s original armor?

Kaer Morhen Armor is Geralt’s starting chest armor in The Witcher 3. It is also a piece of Witcher Gear, and is upgradeable through Crafting.

Should I let Ciri talk to the lodge by herself?

Ciri will be standing outside a door waiting to speak with members of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Geralt can either insist on going to the meeting with her or tell her she’ll be fine and let her go alone. Players need to allow Ciri to go alone if they want this choice to count towards a positive ending.

Will Vesemir always die?

No, Vesemir dies no matter what.

Can you get Dijkstra to kaer morhen?

Although, funnily enough, the official guide seems to suggest that Dijkstra can join you for the battle at Kaer Morhen if you give him the key to the treasury.