Why is the Guardian asking for registration?

Why is the Guardian asking for registration?

To build out its first-party data strategy, The Guardian is asking people to sign in. This also gives valuable insight into content preferences, for instance, The Guardian’s support messages reference how many articles you have read that month.

What do you get with Guardian premium?

When you subscribe to the premium tier you get: Access to the daily crosswords – available to play offline whenever you want. Extra content hand-picked from our 200-year-old archive. Special extracts from GuardianBooks.

How much does Guardian premium cost?

Digital only Seven-day access to the Guardian Editions app, premium tier of the Guardian Live app and advert free reading on theguardian.com – £11.99 per month, or £99 for your first year.

How much is a digital subscription to The Guardian?

United States: Quarterly (13 weeks) subscription rate US$75, or annual rate US$300, saving 31% off the cover price.

How many devices can you have on Guardian subscription?

10 devices

Can I share my guardian premium subscription?

Can I access the app on more than one device? Yes. If you are a Digital subscriber, you can access the app on up to 10 devices on either Apple or Android operating systems.

What is guardian premium?

Last modified on Mon 7 Dec 2020 09.06 EST. Not only does Premium Tier access enable offline reading and suppresses all messages asking for support, you’ll also have access to our ‘Live’ and ‘Discover’ features – so you can follow a live feed of breaking news as well as tailored news for you.

How do I stop my guardian subscription?

Sign in, then select ‘Manage’ under ‘Subscriptions’. Android users can cancel their subscription in Google Play.

Are the Guardian and The Observer the same?

The Observer is a British newspaper published on Sundays. In the same place on the political spectrum as its sister papers The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly, whose parent company Guardian Media Group Limited acquired it in 1993, it takes a social liberal or social democratic line on most issues.

Which political party does the Guardian support?

The Guardian

The Guardian front page on 15 January 2018
Political alignment Centre-left
Language English
Headquarters Kings Place, London
Country United Kingdom

Does Guardian Digital subscription include the observer?

Our Branded Digital Editions are full of interactive features to engage and delight news lovers….THE GUARDIAN & THE OBSERVER SUBSCRIPTION PLANS.

Subscription Package Price Back issues
1 month – The Guardian and The Observer* GBP 10.56 14 days

What is the difference between the Guardian and the Guardian daily?

Guardian editors select the essential reads, delivered daily (03:00 BST/22:00 EDT/13:00 AEDT) in a format built to work around our readers’ routines and habits. The Daily, in contrast, is more focused, with a finite selection of curated stories for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the news.

Can the guardian be delivered?

The Guardian’s home delivery service is available to subscribers who wish to have their newspapers delivered to an address within the M25. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to individual flats or apartments within blocks; your paper can only be delivered to ground floor access points.

Does the Guardian print on Sunday?

The Observer is a British newspaper published on Sundays….The Observer.

The Observer front page on 21 January 2018
Type Sunday newspaper
Circulation 140,100 (as of July 2020)
Sister newspapers The Guardian, The Guardian Weekly

Does the Guardian print papers?

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper. It was founded in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian, and changed its name in 1959. Since 2018, the paper’s main newsprint sections have been published in tabloid format. As of February 2020, its print edition had a daily circulation of 126,879.

How much does the Guardian Weekly cost?

Previously sold at £2.90 (€5.50) in a small newsprint format, the new glossy edition will cost £4.50 (€6.95) where sold in the UK, with international prices increasing by 25-30 per cent on average. The new price brings it in line with other news weeklies.

How do I cancel my subscription to Guardian?

Open the Google Play Store app. Select your Guardian subscription to see the full details. Here, you can cancel or renew the subscription.

What is guardian premium app?

Premium access to the Live app – breaking news, sport and opinion, updated throughout the day. Ad-free – no adverts and no interruptions across all your devices. You can also access the Guardian Editions app on compatible iOS devices if you have an existing iTunes subscription to the Guardian Daily Edition.

What is the best free news app?

Google News Google pulls news sources from all across the world, so you’ll likely be able to find your favorite sites and publications. The app can set up a daily briefing to give you the most important stories of the day, or you can tap Full Coverage to get everything without Google’s curation.

Which app is best for latest news?

The 10 best news apps to stay informed without all the…

  1. Apple News. Apple’s news service keeps iPhone and iPad users fully informed on current affairs.
  2. Google News. Google News is basically Apple News for Android users, as you might expect.
  3. The Week.
  4. Flipboard.
  5. SmartNews.
  6. News360.
  7. Knewz.
  8. 8. News Break.

What news app is free?

24 Best Free News Apps For Android & iOS

The Guardian theScore AP News
BBC News Way2News Google News
SmartNews Al Jazeera English UC News
Opera News News Dog Dailyhunt
Feedly CNN News The New York Times