Why does the arbiter say were it so easy?

Why does the arbiter say were it so easy?

when the commander at the end says that they salute the chief for his sacrifice (meaning death) thats when the arbiter says “were it so easy” meaning he couldint acomplish killing the chief so it would be unlikely that the chief were actually dead now.

When did Shadowlands break?

When Arthas “killed” Ner’zhul within the Helm in year 25, he sent Ner’zhul’s altered soul into the Shadowlands which broke the system due to what the Nathrezim did to him.

Why is the arbiter asleep?

It is a God level soul that was twisted and tortured to bend it to another’s will, it’s soul was also coloured red in the Mythic fight. If the Arbiter experiences all a beings life in an instant then surely that amount of pain endured by another literal god could have been enough to cause it to fall asleep.

Who is helya?

Helya is the ruler of Helheim, the underworld of the cursed and fallen vrykul who do not ascend to the Halls of Valor. In ages past, she was a titan-forged watcher and sorceress and the adopted daughter of Keeper Odyn.

How do you beat helya?


  1. Defeat Helya’s Destructor and Grasping Tentacles to wound her during the Siege of the Naglfar.
  2. Watch Helya’s facing for Corrupted Bellow.
  3. When Taint of the Sea explodes, it and leaves behind a Tainted Essence.
  4. Watch Helya during Brackwater Barrage to know which side of the Naglfar will be bombarded.

Is odyn a Titan?

Odyn, a titan keeper, forged the Halls of Valor to house the souls of the greatest vrykul warriors. These warriors have been forged into a new army, the valarjar, in order protect Azeroth from all threats.

Are the halls of valor in the Shadowlands?

Odyn and his Val’kyr bring honorable vrykul souls to the Halls of Valor from the Shadowlands to become Valarjar and fight and eat and drink in eternal glory(It’s just Valhalla from Norse myth). After all shadowlands are infinite.

How do you summon Fenryr?

Fenryr will not be at the cave right away (despite map indicating so). He spawns either at the hunter camp or in the bear area. At 60%, he will retreat to the cave and lick his wounds. There you can finish him off.

How do you tame Fenryr?

Fenryr from Halls of Valor can be tamed once you have defeated Hymdall and Fenyr completely solo, in the same instance lockout. This was originally a challenging tame, even at higher item levels during Legion Patch 7.2.