Why are demon hunters blind?

Why are demon hunters blind?

Why are they blind? The Demon Hunters ritually blind themselves in order to gain ‘spectral sight’. It was another ‘gift’ given to Illidan by Sargeras and it “allows them to see demons and undead with greater clarity”.

Who all died in WoW Legion?

Losses in Legion This expansion opened up with the Broken Shore scenario, during which three major characters died. Tirion Fordring, Varian Wrynn and Vol’jin.

Who all died in BFA?

Sylvanas, Nathanos, Saurfang, Gallywix, Rastakhan. Didn’t know that Sylvanas, Nathanos and Gallywix were dead. Horde didn’t have a (fan favorite) race of theirs wiped out and sent to hell by the other factions and is then getting ignored afterwards.

Did Varian die in Legion?

Leading the Alliance armies against the Burning Legion at the Broken Shore, Varian fell in battle at the gates of the Tomb of Sargeras, sacrificing himself to allow the Alliance forces to escape.

How did tirion Fordring die?

When the Burning Legion began their third invasion of Azeroth, Tirion led the Argent Crusade’s forces during the disastrous battle for the Broken Shore but was captured and eventually killed, though not before passing the Ashbringer on to the new Highlord of the reformed Silver Hand.

Who is the new Lich King?

Bolvar Fordragon

How was the Lich King created?

The Lich King is the master and lord of the Scourge, which he rules telepathically from the Frozen Throne atop the Icecrown Glacier. Kil’jaeden created the Lich King ages ago from the spirit of the orc shaman Ner’zhul to raise an undead army to conquer Azeroth for the Burning Legion.

What happened to Arthas?

Becoming a death knight of the Scourge, he led the undead forces in destroying Lordaeron, Quel’Thalas and Dalaran. Cradled by the spirit of his father, King Terenas, Arthas Menethil died, leaving the mantle of the Lich King to be taken by a noble soul who would forever more keep the Scourge at bay.

Who killed Arthas Lich King?

Tirion Fordring

Is the Lich King dead?

As the ice of the Frozen Throne began to envelop him, Bolvar – now the new Lich King – told Tirion to tell the world that the Lich King was dead, and as Bolvar’s voice gained the characteristic echo of the Lich King, he added that Bolvar Fordragon died with him. Arthas, waiting on the Frozen Throne.

Who killed Illidan?

Maiev Shadowsong

Is maiev in love with Illidan?

Yeah it’s not that she was in love with him she made her whole life about being his jailer and than capturing him again when he escaped obsessively so. When he was defeated during BC she was left with nothing and her life now had no more meaning. Her duty in life was to guard Illidan’s prison.

What did Illidan do wrong?

Illidan did nothing wrong. He was always a pretty tragic character, even in wc3. There’s that one level where he saves everyone from a demonic invasion by using the skull of gul’dan, and Malfurion only shows up after Illidan has killed the dreadlord in charge, wiped out the demonic forces, and destroyed the portal.

Did Illidan kill Gul Dan?

This section concerns content related to Legion. After the alternate universe Gul’dan is defeated at the Nighthold, the recently revived Illidan kills him by burning him from the inside out with fel until only Gul’dan’s skull remains. Illidan then shatters the skull with his hand.

Why did khadgar want Gul Dan skull?

Khadgar is a fond collector of powerful magical items. Gul’dan’s skull is an important item in the warcraft story. Illidan used it to become demonic. Most if not all of the power in it has already been consumed by Illidan.

Who killed Gul Dan?

Gul’dan summons a monstrous demon, Krosus, to apparently kill Tirion Fordring and battle the forces of Azeroth. A confluence of events exacerbated by lack of communications between the two factions leads to their retreat.

Why did Illidan kill xera?

It wouldnt surprise me that Xera let herself be killed because her destiny was already fulfilled by saving Illidan’s soul (Light’s Heart), and uniting the Army of the Light with the heros necessary to defeat the Legion. The Bronze Dragonflight sort of acts in a similar way.

What happens to tyrande in Shadowlands?

Tyrande is gone, but you can still save the group of night elves trapped in the Maw. It is time to return to Ardenweald with the rescued night elves in the Soulkeeper.

Who is Lothraxion?

Lothraxion is the High Commander of the Grand Army of the Light, and serves High Exarch Turalyon and Lady Alleria Windrunner, who sent him to Azeroth in order to help protect it from the Burning Legion. He is a nathrezim infused with the Light, and can be found at Sanctum of Light, the order hall of the Silver Hand.

Is Lothraxion a spy?

Lothraxion is part of ‘The Light’ one of the 5(?) cosmological powers in Warcraft. My guess: Lothraxion, just like many Nethrazim before him are actually gathering information and acts as a double spy.

Why did medivh turn evil?

Medivh (the guardian) was corrupted (or rather, possessed) even before birth by the spirit of Sargeras, the dark titan. His final transformation towards the end is when Sargeras seemingly takes full control over him, turning Medivh into a demon strongly resembling himself (or a dreadlord, as pointed out here).

Why did Gul Dan free Illidan?

A lot of people think he wants to use Illidan as a vessel/avatar for Sargeras, against Illidan’s will obviously. We won’t know the answer until Legion comes out. Illidan absorbed the dead MU Gul’dan power from his skull. Now the AU Gul’Dan wants to take all of Illidans power for himself.

Is thrall durotan son?

Blackmoore and Foxton finding Thrall as depicted in Warcraft Legends 2 Thrall is the son of Durotan, former chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, and Draka. Blackmoore gave him the name Thrall, which was another word for “slave” in the human tongue.

Does Thrall have a son?

Durak is the orc son of Aggra and Thrall. Before Thrall left for Orgrimmar, he asked Vol’jin to take care of his mate and son should something have happened to him. Thrall and Aggra took their baby to the trial of Garrosh Hellscream.

Why is Thrall called Green Jesus?

There was no indication he was a particularly skilled Shaman (although odds were he wasn’t bad) and suddenly he became the most important person in the world. It sucked, and I argued against it, but Thrall really is Green Jesus. It’s because he’s Horde.

How did durotan die?

In the canceled Warcraft Adventures, it was mentioned that Durotan, Blackhand and Orgrim Doomhammer were three blood brothers. Rend and Maim, the sons of Blackhand, later assassinated Durotan. He left behind his axe, which would be found by his son Thrall years later after his death.