Who has the strongest plot armor?

Who has the strongest plot armor?


How do you avoid plot armor?

I will preface with a few contingencies:

  1. Plot Armor is not always bad.
  2. Plot armor at the beginning of a story is not bad, necessarily.
  3. In trying to avoid “plot armor”, don’t focus more on the abilities of the character than on the danger of his challenge/conflict.

What’s the opposite of plot armor?

Reverse Plot armor, aka “Plot induced Stupidity” is where a character fails at a task or battle that he should have beaten. It is the writer being stupid and inconsistent with the abilities of a character.

Does Goku Have plot armor?

Goku has never had plot armor throughout the entirety of Dragon Ball and Z, at least not terribly so.

Does akame ga kill have plot armor?

Akame Ga Kill is one of the most official shows to AVOID plot armor all together. The nature of this series doesn’t allow ANY character, never mind the protagonist to have “Plot armor”. Seeing as characters die without being saved by some mysterious BS. The main protagonist – Tatsumi is a poor kid from a village.

What anime has the most plot armor?

Natsu and Erza have the most plot armor through out the series. Lot of anime have plot armor (especially shounen) but Fairy tail has so much plot armor that it gets annoying and repetitive, don’t get me wrong the characters are strong and kinda immortal. Natsu and Erza have the most plot armor through out the series.

Does Naruto have plot armor?

Yes, it was plot armour that he survived the Final Fight with Sasuke. Think about it, he just fought for a few days STRAIGHT.

Does Luffy have plot armor?

He definitely gets more plot armour than most other shonen protagonists.

Why is Luffy so lucky?

Luffy is so lucky because he just happened to land on Amazon Lily. From there, Luffy learned that Ace was going to be executed. Luffy proceeded to go to Impel Down where Ace is temporarily held. Ivankov said to Luffy that he just increased Luffy’s survival from 0% to 2-3%.

Who has more plot armor Luffy or Naruto?

Naruto in his entirety has the essence of plot armor in his veins while Luffy just has instances of plot armor. *Cough* Dofalmingo *cough* Luffy deserves most of the armor he gets because of the dedication he puts into to gain it.

Does Luffy beat enraged army?

In the battle with the enraged army, Amande kills Kingbaum by bisecting him, Galette immobilizes Nami, and although Luffy continues fighting here, he is eventually caught and defeated.

How can Orochimaru die?

Orochimaru has technically never died. Orochimaru’s body can be completely destroyed or sealed and he still can’t be considered completely dead. As long as at least one Curse Mark remains, Orochimaru’s consciousness still exists inside a person, i.e. Anko, and he is aware of all activities happening around him.

Does Gaara get married?

As far as we know, Gaara has never married or had any children, which proved to be a source of fear for the people of Sunakagure. This was mostly because Temari had married Shikamaru from Konoha. Gaara became a foster father to a young ninja named Shinki.

Does Naruto have plot holes?

Naruto and Sasuke didn’t gain Kaguya’s power after defeating her because she was sealed, not ‘killed’ like Momoshiki. She’s still alive out there. A story as long as Naruto is bound to have a problem or two in its ongoing plot. Though plot holes can cause annoyance among fans, Naruto’s story is still fantastic.

What clan is jiraiya from?

the Ogata clan

Are Tsunade and Jiraiya cousins?

Yes, Jiraiya is Naruto’s godfather, butTsunade isn’t Naruto’s godmother. At best they are distant cousins (the degree of which is unknown) becauseTsunade’s grandmother, Mito, was from the Uzumaki clan.

Did jiraiya train Kakashi?

So, while you can say there was some kind of indirect training, Jiraya personally never trained Kakashi in canon material. That being said, he did sometime share his wisdom, accumulated through decades, with him .

Who was the longest reigning Hokage?

Hiruzen sarutobi

How did the 1st Hokage die?

The story goes that he sacrificed himself while fighting the first otsusuki to reach the world after kyguya. Long before momoshiki and kinshiki. He fought him from where the roads meet all the way to the valley of the dead where he gave his life to seal him since it was the only way to preserve humanity.