Where is the teddy bear in fable?

Where is the teddy bear in fable?

The teddy bear is on the other side of the town, so for now head right, behind the house (see the green dot on the mini-map). There is a man here that is cheating on his wife. Speak to him, but do not accept his bribe.

Where is Myra fable?

She’s standing near the well on the far east(?) side of the village. It’s sort of behind a house.

How do you get married in Fable 1?

Meet a girl, be attractive, flirt with her, propose to her. (The wedding ring can be found at almost every Item Store.) Buy yourself a house (The cheapest is in Bowerstone South) and have her follow you to it. Make sure that you’re living inside it at the time, and the option to marry should appear.

Where can I get a black rose in Fable anniversary?

The Black Rose is a gift in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. It can be obtained by buying them from the shop in Bowerstone North. They are also needed to give to Lady Grey in order to marry her, although many people in Albion become offended if a black rose is given to them.

Where is Lady GREY’s necklace in Fable anniversary?

During this quest, you are tasked to bring Lady Grey a Black Rose, owning a house and finding her necklace. To find the necklace, talk to the people in Bowerstone North. One of them will tell you that he has seen it in Oakvale. Then go to Memorial Garden through Oakvale to find two men acting suspiciously.

Where can I buy bowerstone armor?

Weapons and Armour

Armor Armor/ Align /Value Location
Leather Gauntlets -5 / 0 Find in chest at fisher creek. Buy in Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Guild.
Leather Leggings 233/ 0443 gold Buy in Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Guild.
-15 / 0
Leather Boots 33/ 063 gold Buy in Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Guild.

How do you get a shovel in Fable anniversary?

A spade can be found in a chest outside the Gravekeeper’s hut in Lychfield Graveyard. Alternatively, it can purchased at shops in the following locations: Bowerstone South. Hook Coast.

Where are all the keys in fable?

Silver Keys | Basics Fable Guide

  • Lookout Point. You’ll find a bush that can be cut in the center of the area.
  • Bowerstone South. Enter the tailor’s shop and go upstairs, the key is on the balcony.
  • Greatwood Lake. It’s right near the broken bridge.
  • Fisher Creek.
  • Orchard Farm.
  • Guild Woods.
  • Darkwood Lake.
  • Ancient Cullis Gate.