What song is Shinji listening?

What song is Shinji listening?

Shinji Ikari is seen throughout the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Series and Movies listening to an SDAT player, noteably switching between tracks 25 and 26.

Why does End of Evangelion have credits in the middle?

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion was created as an alternative version of the two last episodes of the TV series, so they put the credits at the middle to presumably emphasize this fact.

Why is Asuka alive in End of Evangelion?

First, Asuka was killed by the mass production Evas, but during the Third Impact, all of humanity – both the living and the deceased – were merged together. Since Asuka and Shinji decided to return to their physical forms, she is alive at the end of The End of Evangelion – “Disgusting.”

Why did Asuka say disgusting?

She replied with “disgusting”, apparently meaning that she would think she was disgusting as much as her hypothetical abuser was. Anno replied “I thought as much”, apparently with a disappointed tone in his voice, but they used the way Miyamura said “kimochi warui” in that conversation as the direction for the line.

Did Misato kill Kaji?

Kaji is killed by misato. Because of her affair with Kaji NERV questioned where her loyalties lay, so they made her kill Kaji to prove her allegiance with NERV.

Did Rei Die Episode 23?

Shinji is devastated by Rei’s death, and Misato attempts to comfort him. Shinji attaches his pent up sexual frustration from earlier episodes to his current distraught and rejects her attempt at general comforting as though she made a pass at him.

Is REI in love with gendo?

As for Gendo loving Rei, I don’t think he truly did. He loved her for being his key to reuniting with Yui, but not for who Rei truly was. However, based on the fact that he does show emotional concern for Rei at times, it makes it difficult to discern whether or not he was fearing for Rei herself, or his key.

What did Ikari say to Akagi?

The script for this last scene only has Gendo saying: “Ritsuko Akagi, I truly….” followed by Ritsuko saying: “Liar (gets shot)”. I can imagine many words that might follow “I truly….”, but I can’t decide on any in particular. That is the complexity of Gendou and Ritsuko’s relationship.

Why did Ritsuko destroy the dummy system?

The dummy plug system was a back up in the case that a pilot was unable to operate the Evas, and also the system used to operate the Mass Production Evas, Ritsuko destroyed the Rei clones because they were abominations and she despises Rei as she is a rival for Gendos love.

How did Akagi die?

When confronted by Rei I, the girl told her of Gendo’s true opinion of her. Flying into a rage, Naoko strangled the girl to death before, realizing what she had done, throwing herself from the platform to her death, dying on collision with one of the Magi system blocks.

How did Dr Akagi die?

In episode 21, Dr. Akagi died from falling at a great height. off the deep end, motivating a jump off the balcony.

Who killed Misato?

The End of Evangelion She persuades Shinji to pilot Unit 01 one more time before giving an adult kiss. Shortly before dying, Misato wonders if Kaji believes she has done the right thing. Her body is destroyed by JSSDF demolition teams.

Did Misato sleep with Shinji?

She’s implying that she’ll make out, and possibly have sex with Shinji, because Misato thinks that will motivate him to keep going, as Misato has found solace through sex in her life and doesn’t really know other ways to motivate Shinji. To give him motivation to go fight and come back alive.

Why didnt Misato kill Shinji?

she doesn’t exactly hate him, it’s that by this point, he is a liability, a risk, not an asset or an ally. she probably understands that she can’t place the blame on him exclusively and that is probably why she did not execute him. as for why her behavior is like that, well, that’s her genuine feelings towards him.