What monsters give the most coins?

What monsters give the most coins?

My Singing Monsters – Monster Coin Production Guide Chart

Monster Max Coins Max Income
Bowgart 168 22680
Clamble 216 22464
Congle 144 43200
Cybop 120 3600

What does a Ghazt like?

Description. The Ghazt is a transparent purple cat-like creature featuring ghostly characteristics such as glowing eyes, and a tail that shrinks to a point as seen in some depictions of ghosts. Some of its other features are feline: pointed ears, fangs, and large claws.

How do you farm gold in my singing monsters?

Here are some ways to get (and save) coins fast:

  1. Have a lot of Quad elements on your island.
  2. Refrain from feeding your Tribal Island Monster coins.
  3. Don’t spend all of your coins at once or on useless things, Always have a few thousand (or million, depending on your level) left over for important events and the like.

How do I breed Shuga monsters?

Shugabush Island Breeding Combinations:

  1. Shugabush + Deedge = Shugavox.
  2. Shugabush + Quibble = Shugabuzz.
  3. Shugabush + Mammott = Shugarock.
  4. Shugabush + Oaktopus = Shugajo.
  5. Shugabush + PomPom = Shugitar.
  6. Shugabush + Potbelly = Shugabass.
  7. Shugabush + Furcorn = Shugabeats.

How rare is it to breed a Shugabush?

Breeding Monsters To get the Shugabush on Shugabush Island, feed the monster to level 15 on Plant Island then teleport it over. All other Legendary Monsters are bred by combining the Shugabush and with a Natural Monster on Shugabush Island. The breeding success rate is not 100%.

Can u breed a Shugabush?

Breeding. The Shugabush becomes available for breeding, or purchase in the Market, at Level 9.

What are the odds of breeding a G joob?

Breeding. To breed G’joob, you need to breed T-Rox and Pummel. Note that it is not a 100% success rate.

What is the hardest monster to breed in my singing monsters?

Quad Element Monsters The hardest of all natural monsters to breed and hatch, most of the time you will breed a parent by accident. The combinations of three-element and one-element monsters have higher success rates for breeding a Quad Element Monster than using a pair of two-element monsters.

What do I breed to get a Shugabush?

A Bowgart and Clamble is the only monster pairing that will successfully breed and produce the Shugabush. It doesn’t matter what level the monster you select is, but you may have better luck with higher level monsters. You can obtain the Clamble by breeding two monsters that make up the Plant, Earth, and Cold elements.

How do I get Shugarock?

The Shugarock is only available for purchase or breeding on Shugabush Island.

How do I get Shugabuzz?

To breed the Shugabuzz, you need to use the Shugabush and the Quibble in the Shugabush Island breeding structure to get this monster.

How do you breed a rare toe Jammer?

Breeding. The Rare Toe Jammer (when available) may result from a combination of any two triple-element monsters who both share the Water element. On Water Island during Eggs-Travaganza, using Spunge and Scups may result in a Blabbit.

How do you make a Yawstrich?

The Yawstrich is exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, and Android version of the game, and cannot be bred on other platforms. The breeding combination is: T-Rox + Scups.

What is a Yawstrich?

The Yawstrich is a highly specialized Monster that can only inhabit the lofty perches of Air Island. Despite these unique traits, the Yawstrich is most easily recognized by the shrill and unmistakable call it makes to announce its presence and communicate with other Monsters.

How do you breed a Reedling dragon?

Possible combinations:

  1. + Noggin and Dandidoo.
  2. + Potbelly and Cybop.
  3. + Tweedle and Shrubb.

How do you breed a Reedling DOF?


  1. + Tweedle + Shrubb.
  2. + Dandidoo + Noggin.
  3. + Cybop + Potbelly.

How do I make epic Reedling?


  1. Water Island: + Spunge and Fwog.
  2. Earth Island: + Thumpies and Shrubb.
  3. Fire Haven: + Repatillo and Cybop.

How do you breed a Spunge in Dawn of fire?


  1. + Toe Jammer + Dandidoo.
  2. + Tweedle + Oaktopus.
  3. + Quibble + Potbelly.

How do you get rare Spunge?

If you’re trying to get a Rare Spunge as a result of breeding failure, the most effective combination is to breed a regular Spunge with a 4-element monster, since the offspring will always be a Spunge except in the rare case that an Ethereal monster is the result.