What level do you have to be to trade in Warframe?

What level do you have to be to trade in Warframe?

Rank 2

Where is the Trading Post in Warframe?

How do I build the Trading Post?

  • Hit Escape to bring up your Dojo menu and select the Place Decorations option on the menu.
  • Select the Trading Post from the list of available decorations.
  • Place Trading Post in Dojo.
  • Contribute resources to build.
  • Wait for Trading Post to be done building or rush with Platinum.

How do you trade switch Warframe?

The dedicated Trade Hub is Maroo’s Bazaar, located off the right side of Mars on the Navigator. Here, you’ll find the vast majority of players looking to trade items back and forth. You can also open the chat window, set it to the “Trading” tab, and interact with players there, rather than going to the Bazaar.

Can you trade crafted Prime parts?

You can trade fully-built prime parts. One cannot Trade regular Warframes and/or Blueprints. The only things one can trade are: Prime Parts and Blueprints, Mods, Platinum, Sortie Rewards.

How do you trade with friends on Warframe?

If you are inviting the other player to your dojo, head to your dojo from the Star Chart and, once there, hover over that player’s icon and select the option to invite them to your dojo. Once the other player enters your dojo, head to your trading post and select their name to open the trade window. Conduct your trade.

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